3 Ways to Incorporate a Vision Board in Your Business

We’ve all heard it a bunch of times… visuals are EVERYTHING. Whether it be visual content, vision boards, or actually sketching something out - visuals play a huge part in how we as humans process information and also act on it.

It's so important to include visuals in all areas of your business - and not only for your audience's benefit. The main type of visual I want to focus on today is vision boards. It's no secret that I love a good vision board for any and all project I'm working on! There are several different ways that you can incorporate vision boards into your business and I'm walking through my top 3 favorite ways right here.


When you are goal setting, planning for the future of your business or creating your consistent, cohesive brand, a business vision board is imperative. This is the vision board that you hang on your wall next to your desk and refer to it any time you're making a decision about your business or creating a piece of content. This vision board could have images of something you want to achieve in your business this year, what types of services/products you want to provide, how you want people to feel when they interact with your brand, motivational quotes that resonate with you, or your brand colors.

My business vision board that I've included below is dedicated specifically to my overall brand, how I want people to feel when they interact with my brand, the personality I want my business to have, and my main brand colors. Every time I go to design something or put my logo on a piece of content, I pull up my board and make sure that it clearly resonates with this vision.


The second way I like to use vision boards is for a specific project I'm working on - not necessarily client work (we’ll get to that later)! This vision board would be for a physical product you're creating (i.e. coffee mugs, jewelry, pieces of art, apparel), a program or event that you are going to lead (i.e. in-person workshop, online program, conference), or a collaboration with another business (i.e styled shoot, podcast, book). This type of vision board allows you to take a concept or a small nugget of an idea and put some visuals behind it. This is such an important step in the process of creating something from scratch. It not only provides inspiration for the actual project but it again creates the vibe and feeling you want people to experience when they interact with your project. The vision board below was used for my brand photography shoot with Laura Lee Creative. It's similar to my overall brand above but you can see that I incorporated a lot more textures and styling components to this vision board. 


If you are in a service based business that focuses on design in an capacity, it's likely that you'll be dreaming up a project for your clients. Brand Design, Interior Design, Fashion Styling are just a few examples of where this vision board is really helpful. Not only does it help you get a sense for your clients style and taste but it also helps your client visual their dream. Also, when descriptive words are used in conversations, they can mean different things to different people but when you use visuals to describe, enhance and showcase your ideas or your client's vision, it's extremely clear what style you're going for. Below is an example of a brand vision board I created for a client. We used this vision board to build her logo and marketing materials and she now uses this as a baseline for any piece of content or imagery she creates.  


Now, if you're saying to yourself this all sounds fine and dandy but how do I even go about creating a vision board, don't fret! I'm going to walk you through the steps that I take to create my own vision boards.


  1. Create a secret board on Pinterest with images that relate to the vision you are trying to portray. Pull images that show lifestyle, texture, colors, patterns, and design elements to get a good mix of all the components you want to capture

  2. Look through all of the posts you pinned and save the top 10 photos to a folder that you feel fit your business, new project or client

  3. Download these free vision board templates and pick which one you like best

  4. Start adding the images you pulled into the empty spaces. I generally put the most relevant images in the largest boxes so they really pop when I'm looking at the board

  5. Once all of your images are added, take your eye dropper tool and click on colors in the images that you want to use as your color palette. When you click on the color, you should be able to copy the HEX color code so you can paste it into one of the empty color boxes within the vision board

  6. Save your file as a PDF or jpeg, print it out and either keep it with you in your bag or hang it on the wall in your office!

Vision boards can really be used for any and all things and I just love them! They are such an important part of my business and think they can really help bring your ideas, goals, and products to life. To get you started, I've created TWO vision board templates for you to download and use in your business! Just fill out the form below and you'll receive the templates in your inbox in a couple of minutes! 

What are some ways you're thinking about incorporating a vision board into your business? How do you think these vision boards will help you?

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