An Open Letter About The Comparison Trap

Do you ever feel like your self-worth is similar to the stock market and it fluctuates based on what is happening in the world around you? If you’re looking at your screen with one eyebrow raised, let me explain!

I like to think of the “stock market” as your industry and “the happenings” as everyone else in your industry. If you’re like me, a lot of times I put so much weight on trends, concepts and strategies that are swirling around that I tend to lose track of who I am as a person and what I’m being called to do. When you’re scrolling through Instagram for the 500th time that day, reading a really awesome newsletter, or you see someone come out with a great resource for their audience, it’s hard not to think “why didn’t I think of that” or “why can’t I come with good ideas like that”. But what we forget 9 times out of 10 is that we are all on our own path, with our own perspective and set of ideas, and a life filled with experiences that NO ONE else has. Instead of falling deep into the comparison trap that we all know so intimately, what if we celebrated our lives right where we are and offered our audiences the unique story that we’ve been curating since we were born? How cool is that?!

Like the stock market, we are undoubtedly going to have good days and bad days but if we continuously let the rest of the world dictate how we build our businesses and live our lives, we will never be able to gain true control. It’s one thing to have knowledge and insights into what is going on around you but it is a whole other ball game when you let those things become your baseline.

We live in a culture of always on, always connected, and always bombarded with a new solution, tip or trick to help us become “successful”. Something I have to remind myself of on a daily basis is that “success” looks VERY different depending on who you are. So instead of comparing our lives to someone else’s success, we need to take a step back, define what success looks like to us as an individual, put our blinders up and not waver from our unique mission and journey.

This is where the heart of our businesses should come from. This where every piece of content, idea, project, email, and client call should originate from. That person that you are stalking on Instagram is walking their own path with their own story to tell but you, my friend, don’t need to do the same exact thing as them to become successful or to find your own self-worth.

Be authentic, be genuine, tell your story, and tell it confidently.

You may think that your life is not interesting enough for anyone to care, or that you have nothing good to say, or that people won’t value your opinion and expertise because you haven’t been featured in the most prestigious magazine or given a talk at a major conference. Well let me tell you, coming from a girl who has told herself all of these things repeatedly, they are all lies. Your story is beautiful and unique and will definitely have an impact on someone’s life. Isn’t that the whole point of everything we do in life is to have a positive impact and serve others? That’s my #1 goal at least!

So, my challenge for you is to put the blinders up and stay focused on your lane. Jot some notes down about your unique story, what you’ve experienced in life and how your audience could relate to those topics. The next time you’re writing content, structuring your packages and prices, or creating a piece of marketing collateral for your business, pull out this list and get creative with how you can incorporate these topics and stories into your material. Do you add a quirky twist to your process that is light-hearted and fun? Do you love on your clients and send them gifts throughout the entire process of working with them? Is there a particular reason why you gave your company its name? Are you charging higher prices for your products or services but have a ton of reasons to back it up? These are all small ideas that can make a big impact in your business and really help connect you and your story with your audience. SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS!

Comparison will never really go away but my hope, for you and for myself, is that we look inward for our value and self-worth and not out into the world to see where we measure up or fall short compared to someone else we may or may not know. It’s time for us to take control of our own value and cherish the journey we were given.

What steps are you taking to shed the weight of comparison in your life?