3 Ways To Add Consistency Into Your Business

Consistency is not a new concept but sometimes it is hard for us truly grasp, plan for or integrate into our business. We all know that consistency is extremely important but without a plan and a strategy, it’s easy for your goal of blogging once a week to turn into every couple of months or “when you have time”.  Putting some intentional thought behind adding consistency into your business will not only make creating content a smoother process but it will also help you connect with your audience and continue to bless their lives with your incredible knowledge and talents!

Instead of thinking about consistency as an overarching topic, I like to break it down into different segments. It makes it easier to digest and allows you to tackle one piece at a time so there is less overwhelm in the process!

Today, I want to chat about 3 important ways you can add consistency into your business so you can continue to #makemoves, connect with your audience, and showcase your work and knowledge in a way that truly reflects you!

1. Frequency

When most people think of being consistent, their mind immediately goes to frequency. When producing content, posting to social media channels, or writing newsletters, it’s important to show up roughly around the same day and time so your audience knows when they’ll hear from you. For each platform that you have a presence on, select a frequency that works best for you. If you know in your heart that you aren’t going to be able to publish a blog post every day, don’t give yourself that goal. Start with once a week or even once a month if that’s all you can handle. Just make sure it’s realistic. If you post once one week, 3 times the next and then not at all for a month, it’s going to leave your audience feeling confused.

If you’re just starting out or you're a solopreneur (like me), here’s the frequency that I’ve found pretty manageable in my business.

Blogging - 1 time per week

Newsletter - 1 time per week

Instagram - 1-2 times per day

Facebook - 1-2 times per day

2. Aesthetic

Another important way to remain consistent in your business is with the aesthetic of your brand style. You want to make sure that everything you create and produce looks like it’s coming from the same business. Using 1-2 fonts for all of your content and platforms, making sure the images you use on your website, social channels and marketing materials all have a similar look and feel, and using similar colors and design elements for all of your marketing materials, guides and ebooks will make it easier for your audience to identify that it’s coming from you. Studies show that it takes 5-7 interactions for someone to remember your brand. This is why it’s so important that every time that one person has an interaction with your brand, it looks, feels and sounds the same.

3. Messaging

Messaging isn’t normally mentioned when it comes to consistency in your business but I think it’s an important piece of the puzzle. If you are a part of The Nook or you follow me on Instagram, you may have heard me talk about “your voice” once or twice. Your voice is at the heart of your business and should take center stage in everything you do. Your social channels, emails, blog posts, ebooks, guides, Instagram Stories should all sound the same.

The second part to your messaging is the actual topics you discuss. Generally, you should choose about 3-5 topics that are your sweet spot. These are your areas of expertise, your craft, your passions, and maybe a hobby or two that you enjoy. For example, the 5 topics I normally discuss on my channels are: branding, design, faith, coffee/wine, and my journey as an entrepreneur. These are all things I’m extremely passionate about, have expertise in or just really enjoy talking about with others to share my story and hopefully impact someone else’s life. I don’t really talk about fashion, makeup, travel, or finance for example because while I might be interested in them or enjoy them in my personal life, they just don’t fit into the overall message and mission of my business.

I hope breaking it down into these 3 segments has made it easier for you to digest the idea of adding consistency into your business! With overflowing to-do lists, client work and keeping up with all the business needs, it can be hard to keep track of everything. My one piece of advice when it comes to consistency is to start small, work your way up, and always take a step back before you put something out into the universe and ask yourself “does this look, feel, sound like my business?” If your answer is yes, you’re ready to go! If your answer is no, take some time to revisit it before putting it out there. Being true to who you are and sharing your message is so much more important that just putting something out there to “check it off your list”.

I’d love to hear how you are going to start incorporating consistency into your business or some tips and tricks that have worked for you to stick with it!