What's a Website QC Check and Why is it Important?

I’m wrapping up my Codecademy Website Development Certification next week and can officially add website developer AND coder to my list of titles! HOW COOL, right?! There will still be a lot of learning, practicing, and figuring out different nuances in my future but I’m so excited to add this skill to my arsenal.

Since my mind has been so focused on the ins and outs of website development, I’ve been thinking a lot about the overall process of launching a website from start to finish. While all steps are extremely important, there is one step in particular that maybe doesn’t get talked about as much as it should.

That step is the website QC check. Without nerding out too much, QC stands for quality control and completing a website QC check basically means making sure your site functions correctly before pushing it live (and checking it on an ongoing basis).  A website is one of the most important assets a business has and usually acts as the hub of your online presence.

If you decided to BIY (build it yourself - see what I did there?) or purchased a website template, you may be ready to pull your hair out at this point. Am I right? You probably just want to push it live the second you add the last period to that one paragraph you rewrote 47 times. But I strongly advise against that! Without doing a QC check, there’s a chance you could have a glaring grammatical error, a botched user experience because a link goes to the wrong page, or your audience ends up on a 404 Error page instead of the landing page for that new product you’re trying to promote! None of that sounds like a good thing, right? Let me fill you in on the surprise, it’s not!

Depending on how intricate your website is, the QC check could take a decent amount of time to complete. When setting a launch date, make sure to leave enough time for this important part of the process. To play it safe, I would allow about one week to get through everything. By buffering enough time, you won't have to rush through it and it'll save you from going cross-eyed rereading all of the content and clicking every link you have on your site!

As I mentioned earlier, even if you aren’t launching a new site and your site has been up and running for quite some time - it’s still important to do a QC check every once in awhile. Whether it’s to rewrite content, update old links, or reformat a page so it provides a better user experience - your website should be a living, breathing thing and not just “set it and forget it”.

I know this process can be tedious and overwhelming sometimes so I wanted to make sure you are armed with helpful resources as you tackle this project. I created a Website QC Checklist that includes all of the most important tasks to complete before you go live. Enter your email address below to download it now!

What intimidates you most about doing a website QC check for your website?