The Bookshelf: A Monthly Book Club

I am SO excited to announce The Bookshelf! A monthly book club has been on my to-do list for quite some time and it’s finally coming to fruition. Since I was young, I’ve always had a deep love for books (real books). Going into the library or bookstore, walking up and down the aisles, reading the back covers up the books, sitting on the floor and flipping through all of the pages - it certainly is still one of my favorite things to do! Most of the time, I go a little overboard and pick up 3 books at a time because I can’t decide which one to read first. This generally leaves me in a place of flipping between all of them and not really allowing the words, ideas and knowledge soak in! Can you relate? 

Hosting this guided monthly book club will not only hold me accountable to focus on one book at a time but more importantly, it’s an opportunity to connect with so many people over something that I truly cherish. Everyone’s perspective is different which is the best part! We could each read the same chapter and come out with wildly different interpretations. How cool is that?!

My hope for The Bookshelf is that it is truly interactive and discussion based so we can all take something away from each book we read. It’s really important to me that we soak in the knowledge of the book we’re reading instead of reading through it to say we finished it, setting it on a shelf and never touching it again.

Books are meant to be explored time and time again - taking something new from it each time you open the binding!

So without further ado, here is how it’s going to work!


  • We will read 1 book a month
  • Each month, the book will be announced here on the blog with the details and a brief profile on it

  • I will break down the number of pages that we will need to read each night in order to stay on track


  • We will each set an intention as we make our way through the book

  • Each of us will focus on ONE THING that we'd like to take away from the book and implement into our life or business


  • Towards the end of the month, we will have a virtual session to discuss the book, talk about our intentions and how we plan on implementing them

  • This will be an interactive discussion where everyone can get involved

  • The link and time will be sent through email so make sure you sign up below to receive updates and notifications!


Are there any books that you'd love to read? Leave a comment with suggestions and they might just end up on The Bookshelf!