Website Refresh for Jennifer Larsen Photography + 3 Tips for How to Refresh Your Site

One of my good friends Jen Larsen of Jennifer Larsen Photography recently came to me looking for some help with her website. While it was perfectly on brand and everything about it looked cohesive, she felt that a couple of pages needed some sprucing up. She built the original website herself but felt stuck on how to really take it to the next level and make sure that it truly conveyed her personality and brand on each and every page.

I (obviously) started doing my happy dance because while Full Brand & Website Designs are my bread & butter, adding new life into an existing website makes my heart skip a beat. Especially when it’s for one of your #bizbesties!

As we were going through the process of updating her site, it got my wheels spinning. Sometimes when we feel like something in our business isn’t working, we automatically think we have to start over from scratch. But the truth is, if we meet whatever project we’re working on where it is, get a new set of eyes on it, and make a few small adjustments - it can make a WORLD of a difference!

Here’s a quick before & after of the pages we spruced up on Jen’s website. You can click here to see it live and get the full effect. OH! And let’s play a little game of Where’s Waldo shall we? See if you can spot my cameo on one of Jen’s pages! ;)




If you are feeling what Jen felt a few short weeks ago, I want to share 3 tips for how you can refresh your website so it feels true to you and your brand.  


Is all of your copy from when you first launched your site? Does your bio still have old accomplishments that you’ve blown past? Does your services page need to work a little harder for you?

Take some time to edit your copy and give it a fresh set of eyes. Your website shouldn’t be a set it and forget it type project. It is a living, breathing thing that continually needs to be updated as you and your business grow.


Maybe you love your website copy and think it speaks directly to your ideal client. That’s fantastic! But maybe you don’t love the way the pages actually look. Take some time to play around with the layout of your website pages to make them a bit more dynamic. Add additional images, play with the coloring and thickness of your text, and use different blocks (hey, Squarespace users!) to spice up your pages.

A few tweaks and your website could start to take on a whole new feel!


Add some visuals, patterns or graphics to your website. Make use of the Squarespace button feature. Play around with the hover rollover text. These may not seem like huge adjustments but they bring next level professionalism to your site and provide clear CTAs (call-to-action) for your audience. These design elements also help break up the text on your pages if you have a lot of copy.

If you’ve found these tips helpful, I have more where that came from! Download my free guide on The 6 Must-Have Pages on Your Website. I go a bit more in-depth on why these 6 pages are important and what to include on each to make sure your website is optimized and mindful of your audience!

If you could change anything about your website, what would it be?